Success Stories

Amber* and Bailey

In March 2010, a high school freshman enrolled in the Adolescent Family Life Program. Just 14 years old, Amber was pregnant with a daughter she named Bailey. When Bailey was six weeks old, Amber enrolled her in This Is My Child and returned to high school. Over the course of the next three years, Amber did well in school and actively participated in the AFL Program. She graduated from Byrnes High School in May 2013 and completed the Cosmetology Certificate Program at R.D. Anderson Applied Technology School.

Amber now attends Spartanburg Community College and works full-time at a beauty salon as a cosmetologist. Bailey is in 4K. Amber is an example of how, with the right support system, even a very young pregnant teen can beat the odds and achieve success.

Carla and Rick

Rick and Carla went through a rough period when Rick was laid off from his job. With two children to provide for and months of unsuccessful job searching, Rick struggled with depression and Carla struggled to support the family while also taking college classes at night. During this difficult period, Middle Tyger Community Center assisted the family with food, found sponsors for their children for Christmas, referred Rick to counseling, and taught them budgeting skills.

In December 2013, Carla returned to MTCC, but this time she was there to sponsor someone else's child for Christmas. Carla shared that Rick had found work, she had finished college and gotten a better job, and now they wanted to help someone else going through a difficult time.


*Names changed to protect clients' privacy

A young mother graduates from high school as her child also graduates from This is My Child.  Celebrating with the graduates are the child's teacher and the mother's case manager.

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