Important Information:

Due to COVID-19, service delivery for certain programs may have been altered. Please call 864-439-7760 before you visit Middle Tyger Community Center for more information.

Our Mission

Middle Tyger Community Center provides holistic resources to enhance and support the lives of people in Spartanburg County.

Our Vision

We envision a vibrant community where children play, people work, and families thrive.

Our Values

The following values will guide us in everything we do:

  • Respect
    We treat all people with dignity and compassion.
  • Integrity
    We commit to being trustworthy in our dealings and accountable for our actions and outcomes.
  • Collaboration
    We foster strategic relationships with individuals, organizations, and communities to achieve a shared vision.
  • Excellence
    We strive to create a culture of excellence to enrich our community.
  • Transparency 
    We promote trust, honesty, and responsible actions as we work with clients, donors, volunteers, and collaborating partners.

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